The Friend's proposal for the expansion of the Sandwich Range Wilderness has received broad support from many individuals and organizations.  Please click on any item to view the original letter of support in PDF format.

bulletAbutters of the WMNF:  Residents of Sandwich and Tamworth who "...offer our full support for the proposal of the Friends of Sandwich Range to expand the existing Sandwich Range Wilderness approximately two-fold around the existing core Wilderness..."
bulletAudubon Society of NH: "Wilderness areas serve to protect wildlife habitat long-term and enhance biodiversity by allowing the forest to reach a mature state that does not occur in actively managed areas."
bulletForest Ecology Network of Maine: "Wilderness designation is not only important for preserving biodiversity and ecological integrity, but offers sustainable economic opportunities for local communities."
bulletGlobal Warming Campaign of NH: "The Friends of the Sandwich Range are to be admired for their valiant efforts that will preserve our lands for future generations."
bulletThe Nature Conservancy NH Chapter: "Wilderness areas within the White Mountain National Forest represent some of New Hampshire's most outstanding opportunities to provide for biodiversity conservation at meaningful and enduring scales."
bulletNorthern Appalachian Restoration Project: "The Friends of the Sandwich Range are an inspiration, and we sincerely hope that the WMNF adopts your proposal as written."
bulletNorthern Forest Alliance: "We are pleased to endorse your proposal to extend the Sandwich Range Wilderness.  Your proposal would protect many ecological features that are often underrepresented in this region's conservation lands, including low elevations and valley bottoms, and rare and fragile natural communities."
bulletSandwich Historical Society: "The Sandwich Historical Society wholeheartedly supports the Friends of the Sandwich Range proposal to seek management area changes through the forest planning process."
bulletSierra Club NH Chapter: "Designation of this area as Wilderness would add protection to very sensitive areas at the boundaries of the Sandwich Range, preserving the area necessary for the biological integrity of the entire area."
bulletThe Wilderness Society: "These extensions will provide additional protections for interior forest habitats, increase the connectivity between existing protected areas, and enhance primitive recreational opportunities..."
bulletWonalancet Out Door Club: "FSR's carefully researched and well substantiated commitment to the Sandwich Range Wilderness, its natural and historical treasure, is an extraordinarily valuable contribution to the lives of all those (plant, animal and human) whose well-being is inextricably one with that of the forest."

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