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Sandwich Range Wilderness Boundary MarkerJuly 5, 2007:
  Passage of the New England Wilderness Act of 2006 is celebrated at the Russell-Colbath Barn, followed by fields trips and boundary marker placement at Sandwich Range and Wild River.  Details and photos here Sununu/Gregg press release.

January 4, 2007:  Friends of Sandwich Range and Wild River recognize the US Forest Service for its contributions to the New England Wilderness Act of 2006Details and photos here.

December 1, 2006: "New England Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 4001) is signed by President Bush.  In New Hampshire, the bill establishes a new Wild River Wilderness and expands the existing Sandwich Range Wilderness.  The final boundary description is still to be prepared by the USFS, but is expected to closely follow the maps referenced by the legislation.   Complete text of bill:  HTML  PDF   Legislation details:  Thomas   GovtTrack   Press releases:  White House   Sununu  Gregg      Articles:  Laconia Citizen   Union Leader  

November 21, 2006: "New England Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 4001) is formally "presented to the President" for signature.  If not signed or vetoed within 10 days (excluding Sundays), the Bill automatically becomes law on Saturday, December 2, 2006.

November 15, 2006:  "New England Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 4001) is passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the President for signature.   Thomas Summary & Status    Complete congressional Record:  PDF  HTML     Press releases:   Sununu/Gregg   USFS   Campaign for American Wilderness   Articles:  Kendra Gilbert/Union Leader   Paula Tracey/Union Leader   Foster's Daily Democrat   Burlington Free Press   Maps

September 29, 2006: Revised "New England Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 4001) is introduced and passed in the Senate.  Bill includes all previous NH designations, plus most of the land in the previous Vermont bill.  Bill referred to the House for further action.  Bill status.

September 25, 2006: Due to disputes concerning the Wilderness legislation pending for Vermont, the House fails to pass the pending Sandwich Range and Wild River Wilderness bills.  Union Leader article.

September 19, 2006: Senate revises the "New Hampshire Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 2463) to add pending Wilderness legislation in Vermont, and passes the combined "New England Wilderness Act of 2006".  Bill referred to the House for further action.  Senate press release Bill details.

August 3, 2006:  Pending Wilderness legislation endorsed by a range of environmental, timber, and government agencies in New Hampshire.  Read letter of support.

April 2006: Articles and editorials about the NH Wilderness Act:  Boston Globe  Appalachian Mountain Club  Wilderness Society  Campaign for America's Wilderness  Green Media Toolshed   Concord Monitor   American Chronicle  Union Leader  

March 30, 2006:  "New Hampshire Wilderness Act or 2006" introduced in the House of Representatives by Jeb Bradley and Charles Bass.  See bill text and status for Sandwich Range (HR 5062) and Wild River (HR 5059).

March 28, 2006:  "New Hampshire Wilderness Act of 2006" (S 2463) formally introduced by Senators John Sununu and Judd Gregg.  Press release.  Bill text and status.

January 13, 2006Friends' members Karen Coffey and Judith Reardon are guests of "Drive Time" on WMWV radio.  Listen to 10-minute broadcast here.  (Requires Windows Media Player.)

November 21, 2005:  Final Forest Plan is released.  Download the entire plan, or individual PDF documents including the Record of Decision and Executive Summary.   Also see articles in Concord Monitor, Manchester Union Leader, Boston Globe.  Listen to interview on NH Public Radio.

November 18, 2005:  NH Representatives express support for new Forest Plan and for more Wilderness.  See statements from Senators John Sununu and Judd Gregg, and Representatives Charles Bass & Jeb Bradley.

October, 2005: The new Forest Plan, originally slated for release at the end of September, is now expected in "mid-November."

October, 2005: Defenders of the Forest article in Yankee Magazine profiles the efforts of FSR members.

September 12, 2005:  Representatives of FSR and FWR meet with Congressman Jeb Bradley in Boston to discuss new Wilderness legislation.

WMNF neighbors meet in WonalancetAugust 27, 2005:  Neighbors of the WMNF (pictured at right) meet in Wonalancet to express their support for expanding the Sandwich Range Wilderness.  (Letter to be posted soon.)  See letter of support.

August 3, 2005Senator John Sununu visits Sandwich to meet with Friends of Sandwich Range and Friends of Wild River to discuss options for more Wilderness in New Hampshire.  See Laconia Citizen article.

May 2005:  The Exchange on National Public Radio talks with WMNF Supervisor Tom Wagner and WMNF Archeologist Karl Roenke on the centennial of the US Forest Service.  Listen to the program at the NPR web site.

April 2005:  Friends of Sandwich Range of Friends of Wild River travel to DC to discuss Wilderness proposals with Senator John Sununu, aids to Senator Judd Greg, Congressman Jeb Bradley, and aids to Congressman Charlie Bass.

March 2005: US Forest Service Newsletter includes preliminary assessment of the DEIS comments.  FS announces intent to release the final Forest Plan, EIS, and Record of Decision in September 2005.

December 17, 2004: DEIS comment period has ended.  US Forest service begins process of digesting the 6,160 comments received.

September 18, 2004: The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is released by the US Forest Service.  Your comments are needed now.

2003 Visit to WashingtonOctober, 2003: The Friends of Sandwich Range and Wild River journey to Washington DC to discuss new Wilderness legislation with our representatives.

March, 2003: The Forest Service released the Draft Alternatives on which the final Forest Plan is likely to be based.  To understand how the Alternatives could effect the Sandwich Range, read the FSR Comments on the Draft Alternatives (with maps)

January, 2003: The Friends of the Sandwich Range appeared on the "Wilderness" episode of Quest.  Produced by Maine Public Television, the program aired on Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont public television several times in 2003, and poses the question: "Is there such a thing as true wilderness anymore in northern New England?"  And don't missing the promotional video clip, which leads with a voice-over by FSR-member Evelyn MacKinnon, who was interviewed beside Algonquin Brook.

 Quest filming on Algonquin Brook Quest filming on Sandwich Notch Road

June 2001: Wilderness Society presents Murie Award to Friends of Sandwich Range members Fred Lavigne and Evelyn MacKinnon.

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