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Official Maps
Official USFS maps dated February 6, 2006, showing the new Wilderness established by the New England Wilderness Act of 2006 (S.4001):
Sandwich Range  (608k)
Wild River  (637k)

Friends' Proposal
The following maps show the larger areas proposed by the Friends' in Sandwich Range and Wild River.  In addition to the lands designated in S.4001 (see above), these maps show additional areas that we believe are worthy of future Wilderness designation.  All maps are in PDF format.

New Hampshire Overview (42k)
WMNF Overview (1mb)
Sandwich Range (854k)    Sandwich Range with boundary comments (856k)
Flat Mountain Close-up (178k)
Wild River (918k)   Wild River with boundary comments (924k)
Management Area analysis (9k)  (Table showing MA breakdown of all extensions)

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Here are the acreage numbers for all Sandwich Range areas:

2823 Black Mt. Extension
4038 Lost Pass Extension
1144 Wonalancet Extension
2766 Mt Paugus Extension
10771 Total WMNF Plan Recommendations for Sandwich Range

1385 Flat Mountain*
771 Wonalancet*
3077 Mt Kancamangus (WMNF Alt-3 acreage)*
13628 Scar Ridge (in addition to Alt-3 area above)
18861 Total FSR additional areas

24706 Existing SRW

54338 Grand Total - Sandwich Range Wilderness

Here are the Wild River acreage figures:

23712 Wild River - WMNF Plan recommendation
2907 North bank (WMNF Alt-3 recommendation)*
731 North bank (FWR addition)*
4183 South bank* (FWR addition)
1840 Hastings (FWR wildlife corridor)*
187 Perkins Notch* (FWR watershed boundary "correction")
33560 Grand Total - Wild River


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